2.9mm pitch LED display

  • Vertical or horizontal arrangement (depending on the need)
  • Measure: 1,800mm / 1,000mm__lluminositat: 2,000nits / m2
  • LED national star SMD
  • Cabinet d'alumini anoditzat
  • Subsequent maintenance
  • Transport, muntatge and standard instal·lació with suports laterals or platines to the base.
  • Maintenance and resolution of incidents
Wee occuped that continued there, in two steps.


Instal lem the suport adequat al teu sideboard

Step 2

In charge of graphic production and management of teus continguts

Project total includes:

Technological implementation: € 5,450 , month vat

-LED screen 1,800mm.x1,000mm., Pitch 2.9mm .

-Transport fins to the client's installations.

-Muntatge and standard instal·lació (plates or lateral pots).

-Player for remote management and graphic production.

-Guarantee in fish during the 2 primers anys.

-Resolution d'incidències (more work and displacements) during the first year.

-Study of communication needs and the production of the first 10 graphic templates suitable for the client's needs.

-Initial programming of the play list and program.

-License of digital signage software during the first year.

Remote management: € 59 per month, month vat

-Remote management of the continguts, programming of the play list and planning of the continguts.

-2 canvis of monthly continguts.

* LED screens are ready for 6 weeks after order confirmation.



50% at the time of order.
50% remaining, at the time of installation.


60 cuotes de 110€ al mes, + IVA
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